After having to miss an entire year of camp, we are ready to make up for lost time by having the best summer yet. Our hope is to have as normal of a summer as possible; however we also know that COVID is still a reality and something that won’t be going away time soon. This summer, and just like every summer before, the safety of our camps is our first priority. We are committed to never doing anything that would compromise the safety of our campers or our staff. 
As it relates to this summer, we believe that at this time we can safely have camp this summer while we refer to the CDC and county guidelines. We are in the process of putting policies and procedures in place for this summer, but also know that there are still many months to go before we start camp and if the past year has shown us anything, it’s that predicting the course of this virus is impossible. So, the details of how we will be handling the day-to-day are still being determined. We don’t know if masks will be required in June, what distancing requirements will look like, and many other questions that we all might have. 
A few things we have decided in advance, regardless of what the guidelines look like this summer, are the following:

1) We will be limiting our team sizes to about two-thirds of what we have had in the past. This will give us the opportunity to distance our individual teams and better spread out campers throughout our beautiful campus.

2) We have made the unfortunate but necessary decision to not have overnight camp this summer. The last thing we would want to do is plan for it, only to have to cancel it last minute. We just don’t know what the summer will look like and we believe there is a likely chance that taking a large group of campers away for a week of sleep-away camp will not be a wise decision at that time. Our expectation is that this is only for this unique summer and our hope is that in the following summers, we can go back to providing an exciting week of award-winning Overnight Camp as a special way of ending our summer together.

3) We will be adopting additional cleaning procedures that will be used throughout the day as to help prevent the spread of COVID or any other harmful infection. 

4) Finally, we have decided to discontinue our field trips for our older teams (Red and Yellow). Taking kids off campus poses a lot of unique challenges, especially this year, so we feel that is is best to discontinue these trips, but we assure you, there’s so much fun to be had on campus, we don’t think campers will miss them much. 
We can’t wait to get back to having fun, and we look forward to a great summer together!