(Updated April 30, 2020)
Dear Camp Families,
We want to give you an update on where we are in regards to camp this summer. We watched the governor’s news conference this week with hope that things would begin to start opening up or at least allow us to have an idea of when we might begin to plan for the start of camp. Obviously, there was nothing that was communicated that indicated just when that might be. We certainly understand the need to open things up with caution and wise discretion, but we are left with a sense of uncertainty as to how the timing of things affects us.
What this means for us is that at this time, we just don’t have a clear idea of when we will be able to start camp. As a reminder, the two criteria for us starting camp is that 1) we are legally allowed to have camp and 2) we can do it with the confidence that we can keep our campers and staff safe. Both of those are still not guaranteed for June 1st, our first day of camp.
It is still our desire to do camp, but when and how is still up in the air, and when the day comes that we are able to do camp, we understand that it will probably not look like the normal summers you and your campers have come to expect. However, we will do all we can to make it as “normal” as we possibly can.
Camp, just like the Governor has mentioned in regard to the economy, doesn’t just turn on with the flip of a switch. We need a few weeks of lead time to get things up and running. Considering the fact that we won’t know what restrictions will be lifted beyond May 15th (when the “Safer at Home” order reaches its end), we won’t really know if we can start camp on June 1st until around two weeks before start time which unfortunately is just not enough time to ramp things up.
So, as things sit right now, we feel we need to cancel the first two weeks of camp, Carnival Camp (June 1-5, 2020) and TV Camp (June 8-15, 2020). We don’t want to just keep waiting and waiting for updates and then try to pull something together or cancel it last minute. In a way, it feels like to keep those weeks scheduled and not cancel them now is just prolonging the inevitable.
We plan to announce our intention for the following weeks by May 15th, when we will hopefully have a better idea of the Governor’s plans for the state’s reopening. I don’t know what those plans will be, but we feel certain that it will be a modified version of Camp Straight Street (if we are able to have camp at all). Most likely, we would be limited in the number of campers we can take, which will be a challenge since we have been full for most of the summer since February.
With all that being said, we want to let you know that if you have registered for Carnival Camp or TV Camp (weeks 1 and 2), we will refund you the deposits for those two weeks and any foods purchased for those weeks. If you purchased an All Access Pass, we would also adjust that rate as well. Also, if you want to go ahead and get a refund for any other weeks of the summer, we are going to waive the non-refundable deposits during this window and refund any other deposits for weeks this summer as well. You may also be refunded for any Early/Late Passes and Snack and Lunch Plans for future weeks too. The only fee that would not be refunded is the $30 registration fee.
If you have registered and paid anything at all for Carnival Camp and TV Camp and are still registered (and want to stay registered) for other weeks of the summer, we will transfer the deposits for weeks 1 and 2 to contribute to tuition for other weeks you have registered. You do not need to do anything if this is your preference. The financial office will adjust your account over the next week. If you prefer to get the deposits refunded for weeks 1 and 2 now or want to cancel any other weeks beyond these two, please e-mail finances@campstraightstreet.com, and we will issue a refund for those as well.
We know that for many of our camp families, camp is more than just a fun activity but also a necessity for working parents. We hate that we might not be able to provide that for you this summer. So, we want to do whatever we can to help. Many of our camp staff who are planning to work at camp this summer now have a few free weeks, and if you are in need of babysitting, we would be happy to help connect you with some of our great workers who can assist you. If we can help serve you in this way, please email administrator@campstraightstreet.com. Once we have compiled the list of those available, we will send out more details to the families interested.
We will be in touch again on (or before) May 15th with an update of the rest of the summer. Until then, we miss you all and hope we get to see each other this summer.
Jonathan “Jawoo” Owen