Registration is open! Please note that while your child’s age group might be full at this moment when you register, you may create an account and add your child to the waitlists for the weeks desired. Some teams have a shorter waitlist than others. If someone cancels a week, we offer that spot to the next person on the waitlist and will notify you via email. You do NOT need to pay the deposits if you are on the waitlist. To register for a week, you will initially pay the $30 registration fee plus a $30 deposit (non-refundable/non-transferrable) for each week you plan to reserve. The remaining balance will be drafted on the Tuesday prior to the week reserved. You may also cancel that week by the Monday prior to that week by emailing our financial office in order to not be charged the remaining balance.
Current groups full with waitlists as of 5/9/2020 (grade your child is entering in the fall of 2020):
*K3- all spots available
K4 girls: Olympic
K4 boys: Gaming, Superhero 
K5 girls: Superhero
K5 boys: Studio, Jedi, Build, Gaming, Olympic, Superhero
1st grade girls: all full except Holiday Camp 
1st grade boys:  Studio, Jedi, Build, Gaming, Olympic, Superhero
2nd grade girls: Studio, Jedi, Build, Gaming, Olympic
2nd grade boys: all except Holiday Camp 
3rd grade girls: all camps 
3rd grade boys: all except Holiday Camp 
4th grade boys: all camps 
4th grade girls: Studio, Build, Olympic, Overnight
5th grade boys: all except Holiday Camp 
5th grade girls: all weeks 
6th grade boys: all except Holiday Camp 
6th grade girls: Studio, Jedi, Build, Gaming, Olympic, Overnight
7th grade boys: Studio, Gaming, Overnight
7th grade girls: Overnight
8th grade girls: Studio, Olympic, Overnight 
8th grade boys: Overnight 



Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Children of all ages! The circus has arrived. Come under the big top for a week of excitement and fun. Fill up on popcorn and cotton candy as you and your friends board our real carnival rides. We’ll be turning camp into an exciting coolest carnival, and you’ll want to be at the front of the line. So get your ticket and come join the fun.



JUNE 8-12

We’ll turn our camp into a real TV studio with game shows you’ll get to be a part of. We’ll have our “Iron Chef” competition, or try your luck in “Deal or No Deal.” All of this leads up to our 18th annual “Straight Street Idol” competition where the winning contestants from every team will get a chance to take a ride in a limo, walk the red carpet in front of camp and perform in front over 400 screaming fans.


JUNE 15-19

Lights…camera…action! Our 12th annual Studio Camp is one of our most popular weeks. Kids on each team get to write and star in their very own movie. Then we will premier all of our films at our Straight Street Film Festival. We’ll be giving our awards for Best Picture, Best Actor and Actress. You could be the toast of the town with your name in lights. So come and join us. We’re ready for your close up.


JUNE 22-26

A long time ago in a camp far, far away young campers were training to become Jedi knights. This week you’ll see if you are strong with the force as you go through Jedi training. Build your own lightsaber, race a BB-8 droid, join the rebellion, and bring balance to the force. But beware, Darth Vader has sent his Stormtroopers to put an end to the Jedi. We need your help!


JUNE 29 – JULY  1

[This week is only 3 days]
It’s time to celebrate everyone’s favorite days! This week of camp might be short but we’re going to cram it full of holiday fun. We’ll have a birthday party for everyone, sing Christmas carols, dress up with your favorite Christmas sweater or in costumes like Halloween and you never know what special guests will stop by. It’s going to be three days packed with all the best days.


JULY 6-10

If you like Minecraft, LEGO’s or just like to be creative then this week is for you. We have thousands of LEGO’s, Minecraft on the the game systems in the Bus Stop and more. You will even be able to enter our LEGO contest where you’ll get to compete for the title of “Master Builder.” Boys and girls alike will love all of the fun we have planned.


JULY 13-17

You’ve played the games; now it’s time to live them! Video games come to life as you and your friends get in the system and play your way through all of your favorite video games. We’ll be launching Angry Birds, taking on your friends in Super Smash Brothers and lots more. After a full week of gaming we’ll end the week with our very own version of real life Mario Kart. Don’t spin out on a banana peel, or it’ll be “Game Over.”
JULY 20-24
Teams from all over camp will be gathering together to celebrate the 2020 Summer Olympics. While they are lighting the torch over in Tokyo, we’ll be lighting our own torch here at camp. Campers will get to compete in all different kinds of competitions (and in true Camp Straight Street fashion some will be a little wild and crazy). All week long you’ll be going for the gold as you compete to bring Olympic glory to your team.
JULY 27-31
[*This week is for kids K3-8th Grade]
Since overnight camp is canceled, all campers may attend Superhero Camp. 
Camp Straight Street has been overrun with the evilest villains. Who can stop them!? We need a hero who is strong and brave. Someone who’s not afraid to face the bad guys and fight with all their might. We need you! Suit up, because we need your help! Up, up, and away!
JULY 27-31
[This week is for kids 4th-8th grade]
We’ll head off to Shocco Springs  for a week of overnight camp. Parents will bring their campers to meet us at Shocco to set up their bunk. Parents can also meet their child’s counselor for the week. After getting settled, the fun begins! It’s the perfect way to end the summer as we swim, canoe, roast marshmallows and more. We’ll be playing “Bamboozle” where you could win prizes or lose and get slimed. We’ve also got the “Gong Show” where campers show off their talents and compete for the grand prize. “Color Wars” is everyone’s new favorite game where your team tries to be the cleanest team, but beware, other teams are out to squirt you with colored water guns or a powder bomb! Best of all is our “Great American Shaving Cream Fight.” It’s good clean fun at its best. Don’t miss our best week.