(Updated May 29, 2020)
Dear Camp Families,

We want to give you an update on Camp Straight Street this summer. We Informed you a few weeks ago that we would be canceling camp for the month of June and that the start of camp would potentially begin on July 6th. We also said that we would make a decision by June 1st on whether we would plan on doing all the remaining four weeks of camp, or none of them. It’s been incredibly hard for everyone (campers, parents, and staff) to slowly chip away at the summer not knowing if there would be any camp left at all by the end of it.

Last week the Governor gave summer camps in the state the go-ahead to open up but with some significant constraints. Based on these guidelines, it would be very hard to have camp like we have in the past. We would not have our regular camp rallies or any “all camp” activities. Our craft shop and game rooms (Garage, Bus Stop, Creation Station, and Clubhouse) would be shut down due to the request to seriously limit the sharing of toys and supplies. Sports and other activities would be off due to the inability to be distanced while playing. It would honestly be spending most of the time outside on a campus that isn’t designed for as an outdoor camp.

As we looked over the guidelines, we realized that we would need to do an overhaul on almost everything we do in order to comply. However, as we read them, we decided that we were willing to give it a shot. However, Jefferson Country further specified their own additional restraints. The most challenging of these would be the requirement for camps to keep children not from the same household distanced by six feet from any other children. As of right now, this order lasts until Friday, July 3rd.

As we looked at the logistics of what it would take to distance all of our campers six feet, it became quickly evident that this is something that we just have no way of accomplishing. As much as we hate it, we just can’t see a way to pull off what is being asked of us by the county in order to comply. Since this order lasts until the Friday before camp would start, it is very likely that we would have no idea if we would even be able to have camp at all until a few days before we start. Obviously, that is just not enough time to get things rolling and pull off a summer camp, especially since we would be over half of the way through the summer. For these reasons, we have made the unfortunate, but necessary, decision to cancel all of camp this summer.

We work so hard every summer trying to give campers the greatest summer of their lives and to be unable to do that is incredibly disappointing. Helping to meet a need that families have in the community is one of the big priorities of our camp. Not being able to meet that need is frustrating. Yet, at the same time we are committed to helping keep our campers and staff safe at all costs, and this summer has been a real challenge in weighing whether we can open up camp and provide relief to kids and parents and at the same time ensure their safety. It would have been a challenging thing to say “yes” or “no”, but the decision looks like it has been made for us.

We wanted to let you know that we will be issuing full refunds to families for all weekly deposit fees, meal and snack plans, and early and late passes. The only thing we will not be refunding is the initial one time $30 registration fee. The reason we will not be refunding the registration fee is that we have been running our camp office staff for the full year during the camp off season, plus the cost of our registration software, and so forth and since there is no camp this summer, this will take a significant toll on our camp financially and the likelihood of having it in the future. Retaining that fee will help to cover any pre-camp costs that we have incurred that we would have no way of covering. If you feel that this is unfair and you would like to have the registration refunded, please email finances@campstraightstreet.com, and we will refund that fee as well.

One small way of showing our gratitude for that is that if you were registered for this summer and are not refunded your registration fee, you will get access to pre-registration for you and your family for next summer as if you had attended this summer. Registration won’t be until early next year, but we’ll make sure you get access to get in before anyone else.

We know that for many families, you are in great need of child care. We have compiled a directory of staff we hired for camp this summer that are available to babysit. If we can help pass that along, please let us know.

We want to thank you for being one of our valued camp families. You have been a part of making us the best camp in Birmingham, and we will do everything we can to make next summer twice as much fun. Thanks for allowing us the chance to care for your children. It’s an honor we don’t take lightly, and we are sad we will not be able to do it this summer.

Give your kids a hug from us. If your kids are like ours, this will be a blow. Camp means so much to so many campers, as we would want it. It just makes not having camp this summer even harder. In an effort to stay connected, Jawoo (our camp director) will be posting a weekly video on our camp’s YouTube page that will be like our regular morning rally. You can find them each Wednesday here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9W7_spPe4iJesZqdfsrcUQ/
It’ll have games, songs, contests and a lot more. We know it’s not the same as being there in person, but we hope it’ll be a fun way to keep the fun alive.

We miss you all, and we’ll see you next summer.

Jonathan “Jawoo” Owen and Heather Spigner

 What is Camp Straight Street?

Summertime should be a wonderful time for kids. We’ve planned nine great weeks of camp for the boys and girls in your life that will make their summer days the greatest days of the year. It’s a fun, safe place for kids. Here’s what we’ve planned!

There are  nine weeks of day camp centered around the beautiful wooded campus of Shades Mountain Community Church in Bluff Park, Alabama. Camp is from 9:00-4:00 each day, and we also have an early and late program (see details under the early/late show). The facilities are great, just right for an awesome time all summer long. You’ll love it here. We also have one week of Overnight Camp located at Shocco Springs in Talladega for campers entering grades 4-8. 
For the 2020 camp year, our camp is for campers entering grades K3-8th, and they enjoy learning a lot as they have a great time.  They go home feeling that they’ve spent the day with good friends who really care about them as individuals as well as an important part of the group. It’s just the thing for kids enjoying their first camp experience, as well as for “seasoned pros” who have previously been to camp. We’re planning everything carefully to make each week great. We expect most weeks to fill up, so plan on selecting your weeks at the time of registration so you won’t be disappointed by a full camp.

Why Camp Straight Street?

It’s the people at camp who make those memories. Parents tell us our staff makes their kids feel loved and important. We work to help campers build good relationships with adults and other kids. Camp is like a big family whose members encourage and strengthen each other. We’ll do what it takes to make sure your child “fits in” and feels at home with the other campers.

Just wait until you see what we’ve planned for your kids. We’ll make sure your child has a safe and fun time each day at camp!

Once you register, we’ll send you a complete Camp Information Packet in May with all of the details you’ll need to know before camp begins. Also, look at the “important documents” section for the latest information. Camp is more than a vacation; it’s the best summer of your life! 
Parents tell us their kids can’t wait. Weeks fill up fast, so be ready for registration day!
Attendance at Camp Straight Street is open to all children regardless of race, color, religion or ethnic background. Please remember that Camp Straight Street is a Christian camp that teaches Biblical principles to our campers.
What is Camp Straight Street Jr? This camp is designed with our younger campers in mind (ages 3-entering 1st grade in the fall of 2020) and will provide all the fun and excitement of our regular camp, but in an environment that is just for them. They’ll have all of the fun of each of our themed weeks but they’ll have a camp rally that’s all their own, waterslides just their size and counselors who love to get down on their level and play. We think your littlest camper will love what we’ve got planned.

The cost for a regular week of camp is $175. Campers must be three years old by May 1st to participate and must be potty-trained

Registration Fee: $30 for each camper
  • This is a one time fee.
  • This also includes a backpack in your camper’s team color that they can use to take to camp each day.
A Week of Camp for Grades 2nd-8th: $150 (or $45 per day).
A Week of CSS Jr. for K3-1st: $175 (or $50 per day)
  • Holiday Camp (June 29-July 1st) is only three days with no camp on Thursday or Friday due to Independence Day. The cost for this week is $125 for grades 2-8, $135 for CSS Jr.
  • You may also register by the day. The daily rate for camp is $45 per day. If your child will be attending only 1, 2 or 3 days in a given week, you will need to register them for the entire week. Then, you will need to contact Camp Straight Street finance department via email at finances@campstraightstreet.com NO LATER THAN MONDAY PRIOR TO the camp week starting. The daily rate will then be applied according to the number of days your child will be attending for that specific week. We must have this request in writing.
Middle School (Red & Yellow Team) Field Trips: $15
  • There is an additional activity fee of $15 for kids going into the 6th-8th grades. This covers extra weekly trips and activities designed just for campers in 6th-8th grade (girls travel on Tuesdays, boys travel on Thursdays). *Please note that there will be no field trips during the July 4th week or overnight camp.
Early and Late Program: $20 for 5 Early OR Late Care shows
  • Passes are available for $20 and are good for any FIVE early or late shows. Early Show is from 7:15-9:00 and Late Show is from 4:00-5:45.
  • If you do not have an Early or Late Show pass, the cost is $6 per session, per child.
  • For more info on the early/late program and our All Access Pass that is good for all Early/Late shows you click HERE for more information.

Overnight Camp: $325

  • Overnight Camp (July 27-31 Monday-Friday) is only for kids going into 4th-8th grade.
  • There is still Day Camp for kids K3-3rd grade (July 27-31).


(Available for Grades K5-8)

Lunch and Snack
You may bring your snack and/or lunch each day or purchase it at camp. In order to buy lunch or snack, you need to buy a food plan. You will receive a lunch menu in your registration packet a few weeks prior to the start of camp. The snacks available
are fruit, freshly popped popcorn, crackers, muffins, fruit, and chips. Our drinks are a variety of juices, water bottles, and Gatorade. Candy and sodas are also sold on Fridays. 
*Please note that the snack and lunch options are not available for K3-K4 campers. K3-K4 campers must bring their own snacks and lunch. 

Weekly Lunch Plans: $30 a week (or $7 per day) 

Your choice of one entree (hamburger, hot dog, chicken nuggets, pizza), pudding or jello, chips, and a water bottle  

Weekly Snack Plans: $10 a week ($18 for a double snack plan) 

  • Snack plans include one food item and one drink each day. 
  • For campers who need a little more food for the day, we offer a double snack plan that includes two food items and two drinks. For campers who stay for late show, they may also eat their extra snack during late show, but the snack shop will not be open for purchasing during that time.
  • You may also purchase a snack plan for an individual day. The cost is $2.50 a day for single snack and $4 a day for double snack.
  • Food plans may be purchased by sending an email to finances@campstraightstreet.com or at the camp front desk.


Shades Mountain Community Church
2281 Old Tyler Rd. 
Birmingham, AL 35226
Contact us:
Financial questions: finances@campstraightstreet.com 
205-978-9308 (Phones are only manned May-July. It’s best to reach us by e-mail during the off-season.)


Is there anything we can help answer? We’d love to help. E-mail us at administrator@campstraightstreet.com with any questions and we’ll get right back with you.

Need a receipt from last year?

If you need a receipt from camp 2019, please email Cheryl, the financial director, at finances@campstraightstreet.com. Our TAX ID number is included on the receipt.