Day Camp Information and Policies  

Red and Yellow Field Trips:
(Yellow (girls in 6-8) travels on Tuesdays; Red (boys in 6-8) travel on Thursdays 
Carnival Camp: Girls- Ice Skating from 10:30-1:30; Boys- Bumper Nets (10:30-1:30) 
TV Camp: McWane Center from 10:00-1:00 
Jedi Camp: Oak Mountain Bowling Lanes 10:00-1:00 
Studio Camp: Skates 280 10:00-1:00
Holiday Camp: Despicable Me 3 10:15-1:00 *girls will travel on Wednesday instead of Tuesday this week
SuperHero Camp: Tree Top 10:30-12:30
Adventure Camp: Game Zone 12:00-2:00
Build Camp: Skates 280 10:00-1:00