Interested in registering? We might be full! Check the list below to find out what teams and weeks are currently full. You can fill out the waiting list request here. To register, you will be required to pay the registration fee and the first week you plan to attend. You can then reserve all other weeks you plan to attend that will be drafted on the Thursday before that week. You can cancel by the Wednesday before that week in order to not be charged
Our camp is divided into teams based on grade and gender. 
Below is the list of OPEN Teams at this time-as of July25: 
*The grades listed are for the grades your child will be entering in the fall of 2017
1st- Caribbean
2nd- Caribbean
3rd-  Overnight
5th- Build
7th-8th- Overnight
3rd- Overnight
4th- Overnight
5th- No weeks available
6th- Build, Overnight
Do you need to change your registration?
Click on the link to continue. Log in then click on weekly registration to change the weeks needed. Make sure to click all the way through until it says “your order is complete”. To check your registration, click on “account” in the top right hand corner. There you will see order details, payment details, print a receipt, etc. 
If you need to cancel a week that has already been paid, email 
What is

Summertime should be a wonderful time for kids. We’ve planned nine great weeks of camp for the boys and girls in your life that will make their summer days the greatest days of the year. It’s a fun, safe place for kids. Here’s what we’ve planned!

There are nine weeks of day camp centered around the beautiful wooded campus of Shades Mountain Independent Church in Bluff Park, Alabama. Camp is from 9:00-4:00 each day, and we also have an early and late program (see details under the early/late show). The facilities are great, just right for an awesome time all summer long. You’ll love it here. We also have one week of Overnight Camp located at the YMCA Hargis Retreat in Chelsea.


It’s the people at camp who make those memories. Parents tell us

our staff makes their kids feel loved and important. We work to help campers build good relationships with adults and other kids. Camp is like a big family whose members encourage and strengthen each other. We’ll do what it takes to make sure your child “fits in” and feels at home

with the other campers.
Our camp is for

campers entering grades K-8

and they enjoy learning a lot as they have a great time. They go home feeling that they’ve spent the day with good friends who really care about them as individuals as well as an important part of the group. It’s just the thing for kids enjoying their first camp experience, as well as for “seasoned pros” who have previously been to camp. We’re planning everything carefully to make each week great. We expect most weeks to fill up, so plan on selecting your weeks soon so you won’t be disappointed by a full camp.

Just wait until you see what we’ve planned for your kids. We’ll make sure your child has a safe and fun time each day at camp!

Once you register, we’ll send you a complete Camp Information Packet with all of the details you’ll need to know the week before camp begins. Also, look at the “important documents” section for the latest information. Camp is more than a vacation; it’s the best summer of your life! Parents tell us their kids can’t wait. Weeks fill up fast, so sign up today!
Attendance at Camp Straight Street is open to all children regardless of race, color, religion or ethnic background. Please remember that Camp Straight Street is a Christian camp that teaches biblical principles to our campers.”
JUNE 5-9
Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Children of all ages! The circus has arrived. Come under the big top for a week of excitement and fun. Fill up on popcorn and cotton candy. We’ll be turning camp into the coolest carnival, and you’ll want to be at the front of the line. So get your ticket and come join the fun.
TV Camp
JUNE 12-16
We’ll turn our camp into a real TV studio with game shows you’ll get to be a part of. We’ll have our “Iron Chef” competition, or try your luck in “Deal or No Deal.” All of this leads up to our 13th annual “Straight Street Idol” competition where the winning contestants from every team will get a chance to take a ride in a limo, walk the red carpet in front of camp and perform in front over 300 screaming fans
JUNE 19-23
A long time ago in a camp far, far away young campers were training to become Jedi knights. This week you’ll see if you are strong with the force as you go through Jedi training. Build your own light saver, race a BB-8 droid, join the rebellion and bring balance to the force. But beware, Darth Vader has sent his Stormtroopers to put an end to the Jedi. We need your help!
JUNE 26-June 30
Lights…camera…action! Our 12th annual Studio Camp is one of our most popular weeks. Kids on each team get to write and star in their very own movie. Then we will premier all of our films at our Straight Street Film Festival. We’ll be giving our awards for Best Picture, Best Actor and Actress. You could be the toast of the town with your name in lights. So come and join us. We’re ready for your close up. 

JULY 5-7

[This week is only 3 days and is $95] 
Get your tacky sweater out of the closet because it’s time to deck the halls and ring the bells. Everyone loves the Thanksgiving and Christmas, so why not do it twice a year? Each day will be a different holiday. We’ll go bowling with frozen turkeys, have an Easter egg hunt and even string up the lights on the Christmas tree. This will be a magical week you won’t want to miss.
JULY 10-14 
Calling all superheroes! Villains have taken over camp and we need your help. You might be little, but not to worry. We’ve built a training center just for up and coming superheroes. You’ll learn to use your superpowers, create a superhero identity, and best of all, you’ll create a cape that will aid you in your heroic battles. We’re running our of time. Suit up and bring your team of heroes to save the day!
JULY 17-21
This week is one for anyone and everyone! You will get to choose an adventure where you can learn something new! Some of the adventures in the past have been magic tricks, acting, crafts, camping, sports, karate, etc. It’s fun for everyone! 
JULY 24-28
If you like Minecraft, LEGO’s or just like to be creative then this week is for you. We have thousands of LEGO’s, Minecraft on the the game systems in the Bus Stop and more. You will even be able to enter our LEGO contest where you’ll get to compete for the title of “Master Builder.” Boys and girls alike will love all of the fun we have planned.
[This week is for kids K5-2nd Grade]
Your ship has set sail in the open seas in hopes of reaching the beautiful paradise of the Caribbean. Beautiful tropics await you and your crew. But beware, pirates have been known to sail these waters in search of their lost treasure. So don’t get in their way. Make it through the treacherous waters and we’ll celebrate with an exciting luau. So get your hula skirt ready and head ashore.
[This week is for kids 3rd-8th grade]
We’ll head off to YMCA Hargis Retreat for a week of overnight camp. It’s the perfect way to end the summer as we swim, canoe, roast marshmallows and more. We’ll be playing “Bamboozle” where you could win prizes or lose and get slimed. We’ve also got the “Gong Show” where campers show off their talents and compete for the grand prize. “Color Wars” is everyone’s new favorite game where your team tries to be the cleanest team, but beware, other teams are out to squirt you with colored water guns or a powder bomb! Best of all is our “Great American Shaving Cream Fight.” It’s good clean fun at its best. Don’t miss our best week.



Registration Fee: $30 for each camper
  • This is a one time fee. 
  • This also includes a backpack in your camper’s team color that they can use to take to camp each day. 

A Week of Camp: $135 (or $40 per day).

  • Holiday Camp (July 5-7) is only three days with no camp on Monday and Tuesday due to Independence Day. The cost for this week is $95.
  • You can also register by the day. The daily rate for camp is $40 per day
Middle School (Red & Yellow Team) Field Trips: $15
There is an additional activity fee of $15 for kids going into the 6th-8th grades. This covers extra weekly trips and activities designed just for campers in 6th-8th grade (girls travel on Tuesdays, boys travel on Thursdays). *Week 5- girls will travel on Wednesday instead of Tuesday that week

Early and Late Program: $20 for a week of Early OR Late Care

  • Passes are available for $20 and are good for any FIVE early or late shows. Early Show is from 7:15-8:45 and Late Show is from 4:15-5:45
  • If you do not have an Early or Late Show pass, the cost is $6 per session, per child.
  • For more info on the early/late program and our All Access Pass that is good for all Early/Late shows you click HERE for more information.

Overnight Camp: $265

  • Overnight Camp (July 30-August 3) is only for kids going into 3rd-8th grade.
  • There is still Day Camp for kids K5-2nd grade (July 31-August 4).



Lunch and Snack
You may bring your snack and/or lunch each day or purchase it at camp. In order to buy lunch or snack, you need to buy a food plan. You will receive a lunch menu in your registration packet a few weeks prior to the start of camp. The snacks available are fruit, freshly popped popcorn, candy, crackers, fruit, and chips. Our drinks are a variety of juices, water bottles, sodas and Gatorade. Breakfast items include muffins, breakfast bars, fruit, and donuts. 

Weekly Lunch Plans: $30 a week (or $7 per day) 

Your choice of one entree (hamburger, hot dog, chicken nuggets, pizza), pudding or jello, chips, and a water bottle  

Weekly Snack Plans: $7 a week ($12 for a double snack plan) 

  • Snack plans include one food item and one drink each day. 
  • For campers who need a little more food for the day, we offer a double snack plan that includes two food items and two drinks. These can be purchased at breakfast (7:15-8:45) or at snack time. Campers may also eat their extra snack during late show, but the snack shop will not be open for purchasing during that time.  
  • You can also purchase a snack plan for an individual day. The cost is $2 a day for single snack and $3 a day for double snack. 
  • Food plans may be purchased online or at the camp front desk.



“I can not thank you enough for the positive experience my children had this summer and ones past! I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to send my children to such a wonderful camp. It is so much more than just a “camp” it’s a family. Thank you again for doing such a great thing for the community. The lives you touch are countless!”   
“Camp Straight Street is a working parents dream come true!!! From early drop off (you don’t even have to get out of your car) to late pick up (again, don’t even have to get out of the car) everything is organized and so much fun! My 10 yr old begs to go and counts down the days till she can go!!! As the mother of 2, I have done lots of programs after school and during the summer—-Camp Straight Street is the best on so many levels. “   
“Our son attended camp straight street for the first time this year. He has enjoyed this camp more than any he has attended before,so much so that he was sad he could not go on the weekends. He will be a regular camper each year from now on, and so will several of his friends we have told about Camp Straight Street.”    
“Camp Straight Street is one fabulous summer day camp! The cost and flexibility are great from a parent’s perspective. The activities, competitions, and lessons are awesome from my children’s point of view. ”   
Shades Mountain Independent Church
2281 Old Tyler Rd. 
Birmingham, AL 35226
Contact us:
Financial questions:
205-978-9308 (Phones are only manned May-July. It’s best to reach us by e-mail during the off-season.)

 Is there anything we can help answer? We’d love to help. E-mail us at with any questions and we’ll get right back with you. 


Need a receipt from last year?

If you need a receipt from 2016 and you have already registered for camp 2017, you can log in to your account at, click “account” then you will see a drop down box to choose a year then click “print camp receipt”. You can then choose which format to print.
If you have not registered for camp 2017, we will need to send you the receipt. Send your request to Cheryl, our financial director, at